Adinna's website

Adinna's website


Mistress Adinna's rules for domination services.

Terms of my service.

I offer my services only online. I don't do any physical meetings. The essence of my relation as mistress with all my submissives is SAFE-SANE-CONSENSUAL.

Safe means that the play in question is done using proper precautions,won't cause lasting damage,and also doesn't have too much risk.(Safe can be a relative term for many,but if you don't feel safe,it's not safe)

I will keep any informations of my subs confidential,even if i might play a blackmail role if i am asked to do so.

Sane means that the kink in question doesn't end up doing emotional damage to any partner. It also means that it's within the realm of sanity.

Consensual means that all partners agree to do the act,aren't pressured into it,and are free to stop if they feel uncomfortable. If someone in a BDSM session isn't comfortable,they have a right to stop the session.People have the right to stop consent at any time-just like with normal sex. If someone says otherwise,that person doesn't understand consent and they are not a suitable partner for BDSM.

CONSENSUAL also means that you are fully aware of all the factors in a session when you agree to them.

If a BDSM session isn't safe,sane,and consesnsual for all parties,it's no longer BDSM;it becomes rape,assault or abuse.

All our interraction is based uppon a play,with well-defined roles ,which have the role of providing satisfaction.

The tributes that subs will pay will be for my time. My time during a skype webcam 2 cam show or my time during a private chat involving the role i willl be asked to play as a mistress. I accept tributes representing tips. All tributes are consent.