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Adinna's webshows terms and conditions.

A few words about webcam service.

For webcam models,their performance is a service provided to you,who are the consumer of these services.So for us,models,this activity is a job for which we must be paid. Just as you go to work for salary,so do we perform for money.

How it works.

From the moment you contacted me on the chat of a videocall app(whatsapp,telegram,skype etc) and i gave you the list of services and prices again,because they can be read on the platform/site where you found my contact details too, to the moment of the video call itself or sexting session there are a few important steps to do. 

Read my terms and the page of reviews to have an idea of what you can expect from me.

If you decided that you want to buy my services,the next step is to ask me if i am available at the time that you want the call or the written chat and give me a few details about what you want. After i confirm my availability ,next step is for you to send the payment. 

Note that if the payment is made by uk bank transfer,even if usually it's instant,in some circumstances that payment can go through in about 2 hours or more. That means that even if everything looks well into your account and the status of your transfer is "sent" it may be the situation that i have not received it yet. In this case we have to wait untill i receive your payment and we will confirm it together. You'll tell me your name and i will check. If payment is confirmed we can proceede to initiate the call or to start the chat session or i send to you the pre.recorded video as we agreed,right away or at the time that was scheduled together.

If you sent a payment and changed your mind,we can reschedule the session. 

If you are not a person with patience about the posibility of a payment delay,don't pick me and my services,because i will not provide the service if i can't confirm your payment and i will not refund you because of that.

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